Grow your own aromatic herbs, vegetables and flowers at home, all year-round and effortlessly: our indoor gardens take care of everything!

Les potagers d'intérieur

It's simple

How do plants grow in my indoor garden?

  • Set up
    Insert your plant pods in the floaters. The pods contain seeds, nutrients and soil.

  • Sprout
    The seeds will germinate in 3 to 10 days, depending on the plant. The light will turn on and off automatically.

  • Growth
    Add water every 2 to 3 weeks. The roots will grow through the pod and will take oxygen from the water.

  • Harvest
    After thirty days (depending on the plant), you will be able to harvest your plant regularly throughout the next three months. You can then try out a new pod!


Discover the indoor garden that suits you best.



4 plants included

And about 40 other to discover

3 plants included

And about 40 other to discover


Multiple options: on your worktop, two back-to-back, on top of each other... The options are endless!


The size of a toaster, will fit every kitchen!

Optimised light

Automatic ignition to mimic sunrise and sunset

Optimised light

Automatic ignition to mimic sunrise and sunset

Advanced lighting

Split lighting allows different plant types to grow together in harmony. Summertime on the left and springtime on the right!

Easy lighting

The same lighting for all three plants





Smart light

Modulo adapts the power of the lighting to the ambient light of the room, in order to reduce its energy consumption.

Let's compare the planters a tad more!

A special light

A light designed to cultivate plants all year round, right in your kitchen

The light will turn on and off automatically, to mimic sunrise and sunset. Equipped with dozens of low-power LEDs, it can reproduce sunlight to meet the needs of your plants. Learn more about our technology.

La capsule


Your plant grows from a substrate-enriched pod

Harvest weekly during a three to four month period. Once your plant is exhausted, you can repot or compost it and buy a new pod for your indoor garden. This will allow you to discover and try multiple pods per year.

La capsule


A helping hand for your plant

Thanks to our patented Float® technology, you only have one thing to do: add some water every two to three weeks, as the floaters sink. The plant will take all the necessary nutrients out of the water. Learn more more about hydroponics .

Indoor garden

A mini indoor garden for your aromatics, veggies and flowers.

With our indoor gardens Lilo and Modulo, discover new flavours to add to your meals and renew your culinary inspiration. You will have ultra-fresh aromatic plants at any time: recipes for pesto or a nice mint tea won't have any secrets for you anymore!

No more basil plants that die after three days: each plant pod from Prêt à Pousser is good for at least three to four months of harvest. Our indoor gardens will guarantee that your plants will grow beautifully.

Indoors and in all comfort

Aromatic plants, effortlessly and all year round


Don't know the luxury of having green fingers? No worries! Lilo revolutionises indoor gardening and takes care of all the needs of your plants: water, light, nutrients ... Even in winter, our patented hydroponic system allows you to grow your plants without having a balcony and with a minimum of maintenance: you will never wonder again what it would be like to grow mint!

Almost nothing to do! Plant, admire and enjoy! That pot of basil that dies after three days and the parsley you bought at the supermarket that lies somewhere at the bottom of the fridge are now things of the past.

For daily use in your kitchen

Your garden always within reach in your apartment

Why are Prêt à Pousser's aromatics exceptional? Because you know where they come from, from A to Z! Add a corner of nature to your kitchen with fine aromatic plants, fresh and rich in vitamines. Their taste will surprise young and old and, having grown before your very eyes, you know for sure that your plants have not been in touch with any kind of unnatural influence.

Basilic grand vert

Plants in hydroponics

An intelligent and autonomous kitchen garden that reinvents urban agriculture

Astronauts use hydroponics to grow vegetables in space. On Earth, Lilo takes care of feeding you with NASA-inspired technology and indoor gardening. Hydroponics cultivation makes it possible to have an autonomous and intelligent mini kitchen garden in your apartment, without chemical or pesticide treatment. With Lilo, the right dose of water and light (low consumption LEDs) is available to your plants, guaranteeing the best growing conditions.

Stop the waste of water and electricity: this little vegetable garden is good for both you and the planet. At Prêt à Pousser, our startup spirit drives us to aim for the moon, and beyond!



Would you like to add or change a module of your indoor garden?

All pieces that make up or complete our indoor gardens are available individually. This allows you to enjoy your garden over the years even if an element no longer works. Some parts can even evolve!


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