£ 99.99

Our traditional, right on-hand garden, with a classic light source.

3 pods
Lilo Connect

Lilo Connect

£ 119.99

An intuitive indoor garden whose light source connects to our app for advanced, custom settings.

3 pods


£ 159.99

A designer, versatile indoor garden whose light source connects to our app for advanced, custom settings.

4 pods
Wall or Countertop

Modulo x2

Modulo x2

£ 319.98 £ 269.99

-50£ on a pack of 2 Modulo's. Start your green revolution!

8 pods
Wall or Countertop
Modulo x3

Modulo x3

£ 479.97 £ 359.99

Buy 3 Modulo's and get -25% and you're sure to soon develop some green fingers

12 pods
Wall or Countertop
Modulo x4

Modulo x4

£ 639.96 £ 419.99

-35% on a pack of 4 Modulo's, ideal for your own vertical garden!

16 pods
Wall or Countertop

Lilo Edition

Lilo Edition

£ 149.99

An elegant, pocket-sized indoor garden, built from high-quality materials with a connected lamp.

5 pods

Simple and autonomous indoor gardens

How do Prêt à Pousser indoor gardens work?

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    More than 20 kinds
    of organic seeds

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    More than 40
    pod varieties

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    Your first harvest
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    Two to three months
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Easy and quick to set up

No green fingers? No big deal! Modulo and Lilo revolutionize indoor gardening and take care of all the needs of your plants: water, light, nutrients ... Even in winter, our patented hydroponics system allows you to grow your vegetable garden without a balcony and with minimal maintenance. There is almost nothing to do: plant, admire and taste!

  • Fill up the pots with water
    And water every two to four weeks

  • Insert your pods
    Seeds, nutrients, substrate - everything is already there

  • Plug in your indoor garden
    The light will turn on automatically

Comparing our indoor gardens

Discover the indoor garden best suited to your needs and interior



Pots and pods


4 pots and 4 plants included 🎁


3 pots and 3 plants included 🎁

Size and disposition

 Width: 46cm
 Height: 47,5cm
 Depth: 15,5cm

Versatile On a counter, double-sided or on the wall

 Width: 30,5cm
 Height: 47cm
 Depth: 13,5cm


(size of a toaster)



47 LED's
8W consumption


lighting cycle


Adjust the left or right of the lamp differently according to your plants


37 LED's
7W consumption


Automatic lighting cycle


Système hydroponique

A high-performance, adaptable light source

The light source turns on in the morning and turns off at night. Equipped with dozens of energy-saving LEDs, our light source simulates sunlight in order to best provide to your plants' different needs, and uses two times less electricity than your internet box.

All-inclusive pods

Plants grow on their own in biodegradable pods that contain all the necessary seeds and nutrients. No need to add anything else! When the pod is done, it can be composted (it is 100% biodegradable), and you can then place a new pod in your garden.

Plants that float on water

The plants draw all the nutrients they need from the water, and our patented design guarantees the roots' perfect absorption of oxygen. You only have to add water every 3-4 weeks.

Plant pods

More than 40 kinds of herbs, miniature vegetables, and flowers to grow

With our miniature gardens Lilo and Modulo, keep discovering new flavours for all your meals and get some new cooking inspiration. Super fresh herbs, available to you at all times: the recipes for pesto and mint tea will soon hold no secrets for you!

Out with basil plants withering after three days! Each pod makes for three to four months of growth and harvest. A Prêt à Pousser indoor garden will guarantee you'll have beautiful, long-lasting plants, and herbs that will spice up all your daily meals.

For daily use in your kitchen

Indoor gardens for your interior

Why are Prêt à Pousser herbs better? Because you finally know where they come from and you made them grow from A to Z! So bring nature and health into your kitchen with fresh herbs and vitamins that will delight the taste buds of young and old alike: to cultivate without moderation!

Our recipes


Would you like to add or change a module of your indoor garden?

All the pieces that make up or complete our indoor vegetable gardens are available individually. This allows you to enjoy your vegetable garden over the years even if an element no longer works, some parts even allow it to evolve!

All accessories

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