One kit one school

At Prêt à Pousser, we have developed a project to teach school children about plants and to allow them to discover where their food comes from.


A number that does well

Already more than 800 000 school children have benefited from our 1 school 1 kit programme

Enfants avec le kit de pleurotes

"It's growing so fast!"
— Arthur, 6 years old


Take part in our school project and offer a kit to a school

  1. Take a photo of your product
  2. Share it on our Facebook page with the hashtag #1kit1school
  3. We'll reply to the photo and tell you what the next steps are :)

Instructions for schools

A project that suits school programmes

Growing mushrooms and plants in class is part every school programme. In addition to sending a kit, we also offer a leaflet to teachers to accompany them. We try to make the programme 1 Kit 1 School as fun as possible for children.


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