Our R&D lab

At Prêt à Pousser, we are continuously working to improve our products and to offer you the best plants possible.


The lab

120 m2 at the service of our plants

More than 1500 plants grow continuously in our laboratory. The space is under controlled atmosphere: the temperature is maintained at 22 ° C while the humidity is regulated and the air filtered. These parameters make it possible to provide plants with standardised growing conditions throughout the year. The plant experiments are spread over three different rooms, each with its own characteristics. This allows us to reproduce any type of environment and to achieve successful experiments. It is in this environment that all plants are tested, controlled and improved to deliver the best possible experience to our customers.

Discover our R&D lab in video.


Our main focuses

The innovation of indoor gardening in four focuses

  • 01-AM

    Experiments to improve already commercialised products
    We are always trying to find ways how to improve our products and the plants we sell. We continue to do tests on all plant varieties in order to improve their growth and make the use of or products even easier.

  • 02-EXT

    Experiments to grow our catalogue
    We are constantly working to expand our catalogue. Already more than 40 varieties of plants are marketed but we do not intend to stop - we know how curious you as our customer are and we want you to discover ever more incredible plants. Strawberries, beans, we won't say more but it will be great!

  • 03-SIMP

    Experiments for the simplification of our products
    In order to guarantee an ever more enjoyable experience, we are continually seeking to simplify the way you use our products. The 03-SIMP experiments have allowed us to launch our brand new pods with directly integrated organic nutrients and seeds. You just have to insert the pod in your indoor garden, and Bob is your uncle!

  • 04-MOD

    Conception of our new indoor garden, Modulo
    We have been preparing for the arrival of Modulo for months: its design, its new and improved hydroponic system, the new pod designs allowing to obtain faster and more harvests, as well as all the new varieties specially designed for Modulo. After many months of design and testing, we finally decided to market it because we are satisfied with its quality and performance. We think you will love it. We are not giving up on Lilo, which will also still be improved every year ;)

Meet Fred, the Director of our Research and Development lab, he manages the team on a daily basis to continuously improve our products, and develop new plants for Prêt à Pousser.

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