Indoor Gardens

Lilo Edition

Your designer indoor garden

The famous Lilo garden in its finest form, with a contemporary design Grow your own Herbs, Salads, Mini-Veggies and Flowers at home, and add a lush, graphic touch to your interior design.

  • High-quality materials: a gold-coloured lamp made from an aluminium blend, solid brass screw, a base and rod in beechwood from French sustainable forests
  • LAUNCH OFFER: includes 3 plants pods + 2 more pods for free, to be picked after adding the garden to your basket.
  • A light source that connects to our app for advanced, custom settings, perfectly adjusted to your habits and your plants.
  • Most of our seeds are organic and come from French seed sellers - Growth Guarantee: satisfied or replaced.
  • Your first harvest a month from launch, then for tow to three months.

£ 149.99

Delivered in 2 or 3 working days

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How your LILO EDITION indoor garden works

Lilo Edition: when gardening meets technology

Image Lilo Edition

3 pods included + 2 pods for free, to pick after adding Lilo Edition to your basket
More than 40 kinds of herbs, mini-veggies and flowers to grow.


No green fingers? No worries! This smart indoor garden will soon become your very own garden parcel! Lilo Edition takes care of everything your plants need: light and nutrients. Even in the middle of winter, our patented hydroponic system lets you grow your own sprouts with barely any upkeep. No balcony needed: only a little water and a lot of love, before you can admire your beautiful plants and eat your own harvests!

  • Fill up the pots with water
    Water the plants every 2 to 3 weeks

  • Place your 3 pods
    Seeds, soil, and nutrients: everything is there!

  • Plug in your garden
    Put in the perfect settings for your light source through the app


An autonomous growth, all year round

With its patented Flo2at® system, Lilo Edition provides your plants the ideal environment for them to grow all year long. No need for a green thumb: Mint, Basil, Chives... all sprout directly from a pod (3 pods included in every Lilo indoor garden order) and will grow autonomously, thanks to the garden's water pots and its connectable light source for the most suitable brightness settings!

  • Grow
    Add water every 2 to 3 weeks. The roots will grow through the pod and will absorb oxygen from the water.

  • Harvest
    After thirty days (depending on the plant), you will be able to harvest your plant regularly throughout the next three months. You can then try out a new pod!

  • Continue
    Further your plant-growing experience and discover other plant pods to cultivate. Discover our plant pods collection.


A self-regulating setting best fitting your pods

The app will guide you through your light source's settings according to the plants you will be growing in your garden. The self-regulating settings mode will choose the brightness cycle best fitting your plants on its own.

Personalised, manual settings

The app will give you advice regarding the best settings for your plants, and you can then manually select the times at which your light source will switch on and off, as well as the brightness intensity - either for your whole light source, or for each side, left and right.

An ON/OFF and a photo mode

These settings will allow your to momentarily turn your light on and off, or to adjust the brightness intensity for a quick and pretty picture to share to others. Warning: these settings are only meant for temporary use; they do not suit the needs of your plants.

The garden can be autonomous

The app is recommended for setting up your garden intuitively, but it is not necessary to make the garden work! Simplified settings can be directly inputted on the light source itself.

Our app

Lilo Edition


A high-performance, adjustable light source

Equipped with dozens of energy-saving LEDs, our light source simulates sunlight in order to best provide to your plants' different needs, and uses two times less electricity than your internet box. Its connectable technology allows for advanced settings, adjusted to your plants and your own lifestyle: you can use the app to easily set up your light source's on-and-off times, as well as the brightness intensity, all with a couple of clicks.

All-inclusive pods

Plants grow on their own in biodegradable pods that contain all the necessary seeds and nutrients. No need to add anything else! When the pod is done, it can be composted (it is 100% biodegradable), and you can then place a new pod in your garden.

Plants that float on water

The plants draw all the nutrients they need from the water, and our patented design guarantees the roots' perfect absorption of oxygen. You only have to add water every 2-3 weeks.


    Xavier Houy

    Conceived by Xavier Houy

    As an internationally-acclaimed "designer of sensitive things", Xavier Houy re-imagines everyday tools with a cross-disciplinary approach: "I wanted Lilo Edition to appear equal parts solid, simple, and sophisticated, thanks to its high-quality detail work and its manufactured materials, polished and sanded by hand."

    Xavier Houy
    Lilo Edition

    Made from high-quality materials

    Lilo Edition's design reconciles with the minimalist trend thanks to sturdy, timeless materials: the lamp's solid, anodised aluminium; the rod's red beech wood (from PEFC-endorsed sustainably-managed forests); the lamp's adjusting screw with its raw brass detailing.

    Lilo Edition
    Lilo Edition

    Fits in any interior decoration

    Drawing inspiration from the 80s "Memphis" Italian movement, Lilo Edition's design combines geometry and polish to adorn every atmosphere with beautiful, embellished plants.

    Lilo Edition

Growth guaranteed

The seeds are organic* and the growth guaranteed

Agriculture Biologique Produit en France

Our seeds all come from French seed sellers. More than half of our seeds are organic. The substrate in which they grow is made from coconut peat and coir. The Pods are made out of bioplastic and are biodegradable: when your plants grow tired you can repot them or compost them.

Lilo includes all the ingredients needed to ensure the best growth possible for your plants: water, light, and nutrients. If your pod happens to be a little mischievous (which can happen, as with every other living product), we'll send you another pod! You can check out our FAQ for more information.

* Almost all of the seeds we work with are organic.


Everything to know about Lilo Edition


    • What you can expect

      A beech base and rod, the lamp, 3 pots and 3 floaters and its cable and charger


    • Size and weight of the product (out of the box)

      Without water, Lilo weights about 2,35 kg (37 stone). Once set up, Lilo is 47cm (18 inches) tall, 30,5 cm (12 inches) wide and 13,5cm (18.5 inches) deep. It's about right to say that Lilo is as big as a toaster ;).

    • Light source and electric consumption

      6.7W in Spring mode and 8.7W in Summer mode. Amounts to 5-7€ (4-5£) on your electricity bill per year, so two times less than your internet box. The LED light source must remain plugged into a wall socket at all times: Lilo Connect will switch on and off on its own. The charger and cable are included in the package. The settings on the connectable light source can be easily set up through the app (brightness intensity and light cycle times).

    • Guaranteed

      All electrical components are guaranteed for 2 years. The average LED light will work for up to 10 years. The growth of your plants is also guaranteed. They don't grow? Send us a message and we will solve the problem!

    • Materials and composition

      Lilo Edition's base and rod are made from French beechwood (from PEFC-endorsed sustainably-managed forests). The white pots and floaters are made from ABS plastic. The lamp's casing is made from anodized aluminium. The pods are made from compostable bioplastic.

    • A connectable device

      Lilo Edition's light source can be paired with Bluetooth to the Prêt à Pousser app, which will allow for advanced settings, adjusted to your plants and your own lifestyle (light cycle and brightness mode).

    • When to grow plants

      All year round!

    • Water needs

      Lilo pots have a capacity of 75 cL. You will have to fill them up with water every 2-3 weeks depending on the growth stage of your plants.

    • Where to put Lilo

      Wherever you want! Even in darker rooms, Lilo will take care of your plants.

    • Capacity of the pots and pods

      Your Lilo can take care of 3 pots and 3 pods.

    • Length of the cable

      2m long or 39 inches.

    • Conservation and operational life of a pod

      You can keep your (unused) pods for up to one year, but make sure to store them in a dry place. The plants will grow between 2 and 6 months, depending on the plant.

Questions /Answers about Lilo Edition

Could you repeat the question please?

Questions /Answers

    • How do I set up my Lilo Edition according to my plants?

      The app will guide you through your light source's settings according to the plants you will be growing in your garden. The self-regulating settings mode will choose the brightness cycle best fitting your plants on its own.

    • Can I use Lilo Edition without the app?

      We recommend using the app for intuitive settings for your light source in only a couple of clicks, but you can set up your brightness settings manually through buttons on the light source itself.

    • Does my phone need to be connected to the light at all times?

      No, your phone only needs to be paired via Bluetooth to your light source when you want to change the settings.

    • With which OS is the app compatible?

      Our app can be downloaded on Android (ver. 7.0 and higher), and on iOS (ver. 11.0 and higher).

    • Do you have another question?

      You could take a look at our FAQ or contact us directly:


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