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Presentation of Modulo, the indoor garden

How to grow plants at yours with Modulo

This new indoor garden allows you to grow all your favourites (Sunflowers, Oregano, Mini Bell Peppers...) but there is so much more to discover! No more need for green fingers, everything will grow effortlessly from a pod (the first 4 included in any indoor garden order) and grow independently thanks to their water tank and the light.

Video of Modulo

How does it work, this indoor garden?

Image Modulo

A versatile indoor garden

Modulo will fit in your interior

Sunlight in your kitchen garden

High performance and adaptable light

The light turns on and off automatically. It's equipped with dozens of low consumption LED lights, to reproduce sunlight. You can manually control the right- and left side of the light to adjust the light to different types of plants. Learn more about our technology.

Lampe de Modulo

Système hydroponique

An easy indoor garden

The plant will grow from a pod.

Harvest every week for 3 to 4 months. At the end of your plants lifecycle, insert a new pod to discover a new plant. Put the old one in the compost (it is 100% biodegradable).

A helping hand to your plant

Thanks to our patented Float® technology, you only have one thing to do: add some water every two to three weeks, as the floaters sink. The plant will take all the necessary nutrients out of the water. Learn more about hydroponics.


It will grow!


Your indoor garden supplies all ingredients for a beautiful harvest: water, light and nutrients. In the case of a pod that doesn't sprout (which can happen as we work with natural materials), we will send you a new pod free of charge. Take a look at our FAQ.


Our seeds are organic

Agriculture Biologique Produit en France

The seeds come from special selected seed companies in France. The aromatic seeds are organic and grow in peat and coconut fiber. Our pods are made out of bioplastic and are biodegradable: when your plants grow tired you can repot them or compost them.

The plants

You have 4 pods included with your purchase of Modulo and there are more than 40 pods to discover right now!

Do you have a particular wish?

Discover all the plants you can grow at yours

Discover our plant pods


Would you like to add or change a module of your indoor garden?

All pieces that make up or complete our indoor gardens are available individually. This allows you to enjoy your garden over the years even if an element no longer works. Some parts can even evolve!


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