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Pot and floater for Modulo

A warm nest to your pod!

The indispensable companion of your plant pods. Grow even more new plants in this pot by attaching it to the grid of your Modulo indoor garden or use it as a replacement for an old pot. 

Place the floater in the pot and insert the plant pod. Thanks to our patented Flo2at™ system, your plant will grow on water, with a constant access to the salts and minerals it needs. Just add water every two to three weeks while the floater goes down. Learn more about hydroponics

This Modulo pot is indispensable if you wish to evolve your Modulo indoor garden. What about creating a vertical garden attached to a wall, or to put two Modulos side to side? Choose the configuration you would like to create and find out which accessories you will need. 

£ 18.90

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