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Mini Yellow Peppers Pod

Vine and dine

Make room for the stars of the halftime chow.

  • First fruit harvest in about 4 months
  • Unprocessed seeds from French seed sellers
  • Biodegradable pod
  • Compatible with both Lilo and Modulo

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Wherefore art thou Mini Yellow Peppers?

Try as we might, nothing we did made these Mini-Bell Peppers turn red! #coolasacucumber. Even though they're cousins to chilis and peppers, they do not have capsaicin, the molecule that makes our tongue burn! Crunchy, and sweet as a summer day...

Mini Yellow Peppers Pod

Growth details

What our mate the gardener thinks of it all

To help you look after your plants, download the Prêt à Pousser app and receive custom tips and tricks as your plants sprout and grow
  • Average germination time

    7 to 15 days before homecoming #savethedate
  • Light exposure

    7 to 15 days before homecoming #savethedate
  • Time before harvesting

    When they're ripe and golden, from 4 months onwards
  • Harvest your plant for up to

    4 to 6 weeks of dinner parties
  • Preservation

    Roast them and store them in a jar filled with olive oil

"Once the flowers have bloomed, become your plant's very own #QueenBee and gently fluff up the leaves once a day, or brush your fingers from one flower to the next. This will pollinate the plant and allow the fruits to develop!" — Our mate the gardener

Recipes for Mini Yellow Peppers

Chef's specials

Soft and sweet and yellow all over! Our Mini-Yellow Peppers taste sweeter than their red cousins, and will make all your dinner parties shine bright like their golden skin. You can stuff them for a crunchy pre-dinner snack, or cut them in strips to add them to your salads, vegetable stews, omelettes...


It will grow!


Your indoor garden supplies all ingredients for a beautiful harvest: water, light and nutrients. In the case of a pod that doesn't sprout (which can happen as we work with natural materials), we will send you a new pod free of charge. Take a look at our FAQ.

Growth guaranteed

The seeds are organic* and the growth guaranteed

Agriculture Biologique Produit en France

Our seeds all come from French seed sellers. More than half of our seeds are organic. The substrate in which they grow is made from coconut peat and coir. The Pods are made out of bioplastic and are biodegradable: when your plants grow tired you can repot them or compost them.

includes all the ingredients needed to ensure the best growth possible for your plants: water, light, and nutrients. If your pod happens to be a little mischievous (which can happen, as with every other living product), we'll send you another pod! You can check out our FAQ for more information.

* Almost all of the seeds we work with are organic.

Système hydroponique

The pod

An innovative hydroponic system.

Thanks to our patented Float® design, you only have one thing to do: add water once every two or three weeks when the floater sinks. The plant takes all mineral salts it needs out of the water (these are released into the water over the weeks). Discover the Prêt à Pousser technology.

Questions /Answers about Mini Yellow Peppers

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Questions /Answers

    • My plant has flowers, but doesn't seem to grow any fruits. Is it normal?

      Don't forget to pet your Mini-Yellow Peppers leaves every now and then, from the moment the flowers appear. This will stimulate the pollination and thus the development of fruits. Once a day should be alright.

    • My Mini-Yellow Peppers' leaves are turning yellow! Is this normal?

      It's normal that your plant's leaves turn yellow once it has started to produce fruits. After, your plant will die, this is the natural process.

    • My Bell Peppers have been green for a few weeks, when can I pick them?

      Patience is key: your fruits will grow yellow with time, and this process can take up to 4/5 weeks. Picking your fruits while they're green will leave them very bitter and less easily digested, so let them grow golden to their highest potential!

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